Weird Music
from other countries

Slightly Less-Weird Music From The United States

Music: the international language. Some songs are funny no matter what language hears them. I've dug into my personal collection of foreign MP3's and am presenting to you the funniest of foreign music. Go ahead and share them on a file-sharing thing. I doubt they can be found in American record stores.

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Name and language Description
Barbie Girl parody in Dutch Extremely funny! Ken/Ome sounds like a Klingon! Definetly the best one here. It's by Ome Henk.
Lyrics HERE! Translation HERE! Website HERE(in Dutch)!
South Park in Chinese The guy singing has a weird "stoned out of his mind" voice. Maybe the singer just woke up.
Uncle Fucker in Spanish From the South Park movie. Sounds like it's been fast-forwarded. Good to play just before the English version, or whatever language you understand.
Lyrics HERE! Translation IMPOSSIBLE! Ask someone native to a Spanish-speaking country! I know several Spanish-speakers, but I only know them from church, which makes it hard to get a translation of a very obscene song.
Mis-credited as
Tom & Jerry
in German
Generally titled "Tom & Jerry in German" in file-sharing programs, this has NOTHING to do with Tom & Jerry. It's a sappy song with a happy ragtime piano featured.
Many thanks to Kit Senior for sending me the
Lyrics & translation and finally clearing up the mystery!
Tiny Toons in Japanese "And Dizii Deburu FREAKENBACH" is Kencho's favorite part. Also, Plucky Duck has a thick Japanese accent.
Lyrics and Translation HERE! (links to a different site)
That Cingular Commercial From the U.S., but it's in a foreign language(Italian) and it's funny. The song is the first stanza of "La Donna Mobile" from Rigoletto. Here are the lyrics and translation to what's sung in the commercial.
We're also huge fans of Leone Di Lernia, an Italian parody singer, but there's not enough stuff on the internet to help us with that fan site. We need pictures, lyrics(Okay, we have a few that Questo copied by ear), and simply info about this guy. We've found out that he's a regular DJ on Radio 105 in Italy, and there's only a small serving of info about him there. We might make a fan site later. You can hear one of Leone's songs on track 1 of our TARP CD, although we're goofing around in the foreground and Thisay is cussin' at him. Leone Di Lernia is da pazze!!!

Want more foreign songs? Here's some recommended MP3 searches:

Back when I had time, I scoured Morpheus for foreign versions of many songs on many occasions. The supply is pretty well milked by now, though. I probably have the biggest collection of foreign songs from TV in the whole world. I pride myself in that. I have songs in Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, and even Arabic. I need a bigger hard drive.